Christmas Simulator game

Hello devforum, recently I have worked on a game called “Christmas Simulator” and it is a pretty generic simulator game, but i have implemented a few twists and i would like feedback. The game is published to my group but i am the only dev who worked on the game.

Game link:

Please consider these points when giving feedback:

  • Is the game engaging and fun
  • Is the game repetitive or does it feel progressive
  • Is it easy to understand
  • Is it appealing / aesthetically pleasing

(also im sorry it is only playable on pc as i couldnt get the controls working on other platforms)

Thank you in advance,

  • instinctgaming123

I have a lot of questions but I will stick to addressing the points since they are lined up nicely

So I just came out of the game with one of my dev friends and here is what we think

  • Is the game engaging and fun

It is fun for the first couple of minutes, but from the viewpoint of a player (or child), it can stop being fun soon. Engaging? Well, I wouldn’t say it is fully engaging, but it feels like the game is lacking

  • Is the game repetitive or does it feel progressive

We were only there for 8 minutes and it started to feel like a “chore.” The idea of getting presents simulator style is cute, yet it could use more polishing so the progressive part can be more inspiring

  • Is it easy to understand

Of course, no problems there

  • Is it appealing / aesthetically pleasing

White trees, presents, droppers, even if it is basic, it’s nice

In short, the game could have a lot more added to it. If you think about the countless other simulators that are successful on Roblox, they all have “a lot of stuff” going on in them.

Such as:

-Interactive Characters
-Animated Moving NPCS
-Character animations when doing things or using tools
-More Christmas themed decor like a sleigh, candy canes, etc

In short, it is a decent game, just lots of room to add more, and you have the respect for being the sole developer, gave a like :+1:


Thabk you so much for this in depth review, as this is a christmas themed game, I do not think I should add all of these things to it and as im not motivated to carry on. However, I will take these points into consideration in my future games. :smile: :heart: