Christmas Theme Icon Recreation From Bloxburg

:santa: Today is December 5, 2020 and what a Fun day to Try Recreating Bloxburg’s Christmas Icon. :santa:

Let me know your thought’s about it. :hammer:

Inspired By SoftGB


Looks amazing! Next time you might want to create your own text, I forgot the font but it’s a common one. Doing this will make it higher quality.


I love the lightning in the icon.

You should add a lot of snow in my opinion

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A slight bit of his hair seems to be going through the hat, maybe try fix that to make it look a bit better. Overall I would say it’s very good!


But you forgot to add snow in the background.

I think it looks nice! the only thing i would consider changing is adding snow in the background. ( On roof, and maybe snow particles in the bg)

That looks awesome, but the hand of character looks bit ugly (I think its glitched lol). And maybe add some snow.

I mean it looks nice, it does look like it’s 85 degrees without snow, but…

Why did you render something that already was created on Roblox?

I was pretty bored whilst I was doing my School Work and Had an Idea, I went to Softies Profile and scrolled down in one of his Render and saw Bloxburg. So i decided to make a christmas theme out of it.

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The font is HVD Comic Serif Pro

Yea, Not yet sure if its the Rig that im using.

It looks great, but isn’t sticking to the theme of christmas at all. Just having the guy in the icon wear a santa hat isn’t enough to portray the holidays. Perhaps makehim wear a santa outfit and especially make it snowing. Put decorations on the exterior of the house in the background and then I guarantee you’ll have a good christmas icon.

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Wow, it looks great. I love the lighting and details! 10/10

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He probably used the font as its the font Bloxburg uses.

Wow I bet @Coeptus Would love this GFx and maybe use it :eyes: :eyes:

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Well see in 2022 maybe!!! :eyes:

Why are you saying 2022? Why not 2021 lol?

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I like that positivity in your mind :slight_smile:

Cool! It does look a bit more 3-D than the original icon.