Christmas Themed Cabin {WIP}

Since Christmas is only a month away, I decided to start work on a new project… a Christmas themed cabin in the woods. I felt like the concept was quite good and went through with it. I would say it is around 40% done as of 25/11/2020 and will take up until Christmas to finish. The images are below.

Feedback is appreciated, Have a nice day.


looks nice and clean… but some of it looks realistic while some of it looks robloxy

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Man, that’s the best build I’ve seen on devfourms !


Wow, that is amazing. Are you planing to upload it as a game?


Looks really realistic and very detailed. How long did this take?

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About a week, I’d say. Maybe less though.

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You can visit it here rip your pc - Roblox

Be aware, your pc will probably die if you play it.

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It looks awesome! I love how realistic it is and I love that it still has a little bit of that ‘Roblox’ type feel. Great work! Keep it up!

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I love the build quality, but it is making my mind bounce back and fourth from a horror cabin scene, to a cozy modern build…
Also how did you manage to create the logs?

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I love it but is it suppose to be scary? I feel like that snowmans about to come to life and turn anyone in the cabbin into cherry flavoured snow if you get my drift, It looks amazing but if you wanna go for a more cheery vibe all you have to do is make the outside trees a little more green and livly and just a dash bit more colour inside