Chrome push notifications show the old red "O" logo

Hello. I have push notifications turned on in my settings. They work as they should, but they show the old red Roblox logo:
As far as I know, this logo isn’t used anymore.
This happens on, I’m not sure if it’s happening on This happens 100% of the time - just turn on push notifications in your settings, ask your friend to text you on Roblox, switch to any other tab and be satisfied by the result.
Google Chrome and Windows 7.

The red logo is actually still used in the Roblox Windows Store app though.

That’s a bug and should be reported if not already.

Page 11 of the Roblox brand guidelines - Available @ Home - Roblox


There are quite a few of those bits of old Roblox still lying around, beyond that red “O” logo - the “Avatar Shop” still redirects you to a page named Catalog.

I’m sure they’ll get fixed in time, it seems like they’re working on overhauling everything related to the website and client anyways.

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