Chromebook categorized inconsistently between mobile/desktop device

Chromebooks are able to buy access to certain paid-access games, but are unable to actually play them afterwards. This is presumably because they are categorized in a different platform between the website and in-game client.

For our game, we have received a couple of complaints of users who purchased the game while on a Chromebook, yet were not able to play it afterwards.

It seems like a Chromebook falls under a mobile device and our settings are only checked for Computer compatibility. I don’t believe those who are on a Chromebook should be able to purchase a game they would not be able to play.


I do hate bumping topics, but I brought this to the attention of the engineers at RDC and they told me to post it since they confirmed it was a bug, so I figured to bump instead of repost it.


I’ll continue to bump this once every few months since the issue still has not been corrected. Getting large amount of complaints on my end from our users who would buy access to the game on a friend’s computer, then can’t play it on their Chromebook.


My brother has had the same issue since the latest Roblox update, it was fine beforehand. Roblox needs to look into this.


I recently had a player who is also complaining about chromebook, where the app thinks the user is playing on mobile, whereas it used to detect it as computer before. It can be related to this issue. It affects his experience by alot in my game, where I use keyboard availability to differentiate computer and mobile.


Bumpy bumpy bumpy bump!

This is also affecting me as a player. It’s really annoying. I can’t play games properly because they just can’t detect my device!

Woah, here’s an idea that has been proposed a million times: Stop having developers do weird stuff like detecting if touch is enabled or if there’s a keyboard and do a Device property which tells the game if it’s a computer, phone, tablet or Xbox! ez pz.


Major Support. Playing on a Chromebook is extremely frustrating. Also, due to recent updates for it, I can no longer see my cursor when I play games. I can still see it if I have a gear like a Bloxy Cola or Rocket Launcher equipped, but I shouldn’t have to do that in order to play most games properly. (I.e. Horrific Housing, Survivor)

Thought I’d mention that you can’t chat in-game on Chromebook. It’s really annoying.


I didn’t know the true extent of the Chromebook issue. Ouch that’s unfortunate it makes it very hard to play games for you.


I too have noticed the cursor issue. I have also noted issues with control options for wrong devices. I believe they have fixed the chat issue though.