Chromebook disallows user input after immediately refocusing a TextBox

Chromebooks (Google Play Store version of Roblox) stop user input on a TextBox if it is unfocused and immediately refocused. To force a TextBox to be constantly focused, you can call :CaptureFocus() on a TextBox right as its FocusLost event is fired.

This bug happens (possibly) every time. Here are the steps to reproduce the bug:

  1. Create a TextBox in a ScreenGui.
  2. In a LocalScript, call :CaptureFocus() on the TextBox when its FocusLost event is fired.
  3. You can no longer input into the TextBox.

The bug happens on www. It is not game or level-specific. Happens in this game

Video of the bug happening to one of the players of my game:
Starts at 0:30, the textbox at the bottom is focused, letting the user type in a word. When the player hits enter and the textbox is immediately refocused, the player can no longer enter text.

Test file: TestFile.rbxl (22.6 KB)

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