Chronological Ban and Command Logs

I’m trying to create a ban/command log system that records all bans and commands in chronological order. Was wondering if I should use data stores, ordered data stores, memory service, or an external server.

I was hoping to use ordered data stores but the value can only be a positive integer in order for it to be sorted. However, I need to store more information than just this.

What should I do?

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You can make two DataStores. One is the OrderedDataStore that stores your numbers and the other normal DataStore that stores more information about things.

I’ve never done this before, but you could probably just save one giant table with all the bans?
Like this:

{{UserID, TimeOfBan}, {UserId, TimeOfBan}, ...}

Then when you get your data, you can just order it based off of the time of the ban.

Yeah, he could use the OrderedDataStore to store the time and DataStore to store more information.

I’m talking about one datastore, not even an OrderedDataStore. It would have to be manually ordered, but it would keep all information in one place and would be very efficient. Having two datastores, a “normal” datastore and an OrderedDataStore would likely work, but it can be messy and grabbing too much data in a short amount of time can slow the scripts down.

I mean storing all the data in a giant table would take very much space as well. Grabbing all dem datas from the DataStore would be also slow.