Chronos (closed project for remake)

In development by Anthagonal Studio
Chronos is a game that takes place in the wastelands of the Grand Tale Kingdom
its gameplay is based on its learning during the game and its progression in the story something similar to Outer Wilds.
Zelda Botw , Genshin impact , Outer Wilds , The last guardian , Shadow Of The Colossus

As expected the game is not in the release phase .

Here are some in-game screenshots so you can see what to expect from this experience

Have a great day !
I will update this post when the game is released
and I will post updates on other social networks.


Quite not familiar with these mobile games, but the project itself seems very promising and with a good test regarding the design and graphics, fantastically cool!

Only played BOTW, and your game looks allot like it. Your game needs a custom idle animation though.

I love Genshin Impact and Shadow of the Colossus so this game looks absolutely incredible to me! Can’t wait for it.