Church modeled,

Would like feedback for this church I made a while ago, everything was either modeled or textured procedurally by me

If you would like to contact me: Dvlpr#0352


Wow it looks so NICE OMG BRO. Sry it looks soo nice it looks so good there’s nothing bad but btw how did you make the rays?

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I used have used Volumetrics for the whole world


I feel the saturation to the pillars on the right are a little too yellowish, in my opinion ofc. Try setting it down! :slight_smile: Other then that, its pretty good keep it up!

I’m loving the small details like the light rays peering through and the individual bricks on the walls.

Just a heads up for next time, you should post something like this in Building Support.

looks amazing, some really good lighting

This has been done with a 3D modeling software, not roblox, just saying