[CI] Developer Information

[CI] Developer Information Section
This covers credits for our developers, contributors and owner(s) of any assets we may come to use in future reference. This will cover name(s), their contribution made to the game and additional information if need be.

[CI] Scripting Contributions
Lordnoobstan - Gun-scripts, door-scripts, automated breach mechanics, alarm mechanics, credit system, SCP scripting, anti-exploit and other minor scripts.
ItsMatko - Admin panel, menu, credits interface and other minor scripts.

[CI] Building Contributions
qloid ``- Builder of our upcoming facility and current facility.

This facility was created for ForeignReaper’s Chaos Insurgency.

Additions will be made if and when necessary, in the event of new developers being recruited this may be modified if optional though this stands as our current developer informations.

If additional information is needed don’t hesitate to contact me!
ForeignReaper aka. spectramed.

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