CID Roleplay - Update 13/08/2021

New features


Took away CHP vehicles and guard vehicles

Bugs fixes and updates

  • Fixed all bugs and updated map
  • Added a Training Area
  • Added a staff area


The game is still in development, sorry!

Development Team

@Tysyaka - Chief Design Officer, Builder, Owner.
@collin1212121 - Chief Scripting Officer

If you have any issues please contact tysyaka via Roblox or Devforum! Thanks!

Game: CID Roleplay - Roblox
Group: Group - Roblox

If you have any issues/questions please contact Tysyaka immediately!

Via: Roblox or Devforum

Links: Tysyaka - Devforum | Roblox - Tysyaka

Tysyaka will try to answer your questions, concerns or issues 12-48 hours at the most, and 1-2 minutes at the minimum!

Game: CID Roleplay - Roblox
Group: Group - Roblox