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Hello. I’m Cifu. I am a Game developer that focuses on 3D animating and vfx designing. I have been animating and vfx designing for 1 year. I consider myself to be a good animator and vfx artist. I am 16 years old and I hope you can find me useful. I am also experienced with mesh rigging and animating meshes. I am also a builder that focuses on realistic builds. I am currently working to become one of the best game developers and hope you can find me useful. CEO of Alpha ranks

Past animations I have worked on

Streamable Video

Streamable Video
Streamable Video

Streamable Video
Streamable Video
Streamable Video

Past particle effects I have worked on

Past Builds I have worked on

My time zone is - United kingdom. I am available during the day. My work hours are 1-2 hours during weekdays, due to school, and are 4-5 hour during weekends.

Prices are negotiable. I accept either hourly pay or per task. My preferred payment method is before, or after task completion. If I do feel unsatisfied with your payments, I will let you know.


Discord: Cifu#1183 (Recommend)
Roblox: Cifu - Roblox
Roblox group: Alpha Ranks - Roblox

Thankyou for reading. Feel free to contact me about any questions