Cilinder keeps rolling HELP!

Hello i have a problem with my script : my cilinder keeps spinning even after i have put the bodygyro on i have tried to anchor it doesnt work here is a clip:
local model = game.Workspace.Modelelevator
local platform = game.Workspace.Modelelevator.Platform
local start = model.Start
local finish = model.Finish
local bodyposition = model.Platform.BodyPosition
while true do
bodyposition.position = start.position
bodyposition.position = finish.position
bodyposition.position = start.position

how can i fix this?

Try setting the MaxTorque of the BodyGyro to,math.huge,math.huge). That should make it resistant to other collisions.

im new and i dont get it i have tried to set the max torque higher but it doesnt work

You will need to set the Gyro’s CFrame to the part’s current CFrame via script, while also making sure the torque is high enough.

Is the body gyro parented to the part? The default CFrame for the body gyro is zeroed out so you shouldn’t even need to script that bit unless that part is already rotated.

the cilinder is rotated -90 degrees z

You can use an AlignOrientation instead of a body gyro.
make an attachment on either the start or the finish
and then another on the platform
make the AlignOrientation attachments to those 2 attachments.
set the RigidityEnabled to true
make sure that both of the attachment’s yellow arrow is facing upwards on both of them

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