Cinema 4D | How would I add road-markings to my road mesh?

The title says it all, i want to add dashed lines in the centre of my road, not as a texture though, i want it to be individual polygons sticking out

Something like this, I’m kind of new to cinema 4d aswell and i haven’t been able to find anything online.
Any help would be appreciated

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Maybe extruding it up or add tiny parts.

How would i actually generate the little dash polygons though

Do you want to generate it through blender or studio?

Through Cinema 4d, since it’s the programme i am using

Oh sorry I can’t help you with that. I mainly use blender and studio.

I would just put tiny parts over it and make it a model in studio.

I would do that too but the main reason i’m making these models a mesh is to improve performance in my game

Option 1, Using the knife tool to draw the lines and then extruding upwards.

Option 2, Make individual lines and place them.

Option 3, Just use a texture its way easier.

(Im also pretty new to Cinema 4D as I use blender and I’ve been experimenting with it)

Do you know how i can form a curve cut with the knife tool following the curve of the road?

And making individual lines / textures wouldn’t be completely accurate and it’d look bad (i’ve already tried using a texture)

You can add loop cuts and then give it a form of a curve.

There are resources for Cinema 4D, this is not related to Roblox… keep DevForum to Roblox-related…

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I’ll try that out right now, give me a second

I’ve gotten this:

How would i round the diagonal line in the centre?

For anyone else stuck on this, this is how i did it:

I added an arc object and two other lines, then i fitted them as i liked:


Then i connected the 3 objects + delete and i used a cloner tool with a cube to make the ‘dashed lines’