Cinematic Camera Animation Development, Using Blender Import, Plug-Ins and Scripts

Good afternoon, I am “bit of everything” dev, and I have been trying for about 2 months to create an animatable camera. In other words, a camera that can be animated using scripts and blender, or using blender as the main tool.

I assure you this specific problem has not been made before in the forum, so please at least read out what I have done until now, if you can help me, I would be very thankful.

The Problem and what has been tried up to now?

First off, obviously I can’t exactly export the blender camera into roblox nor can I easily animate it in blender. So what I have tried are workarounds.

I added a block part and rigged it to the main body with the HRT as the parent in roblox. Then, imported the rig into blender.
Now, the animation is done, and importing it back, plays perfectly in Studio, that is one task done.

As for the Studio/Roblox Camera, first I tried to use scripts to continually
update the Workspace.Camera to the part’s CFrame, it crashes due to overload.
Then, I made it so there were intervals at which it captured the CFrame. Works as intended.
Finally, I made it so the intervals were at 0.01 Seconds, and that much works mostly as intended. However it is still choppy.
To smoothen everything out, I tried to use TweenService and Larps, while the movement is somewhat smooth, the jitter is noticeable and there is still a delay in real time movement to camera movement.

Most forums about Cinematic Cameras do almost the same thing as up if anything at all, and otherwise, they are only about Moon Animator.

Allow me to mention I have no problems using the Moon Animator as long as I do not have to re-animate the Camera, many movements are very specific and working in the camera after the animation has already been done in Blender to Roblox can be far too much work.

THE Question:

Is it possible to make the Moon Animator’s Camera fixed in the block, so that it captures the keyframes according to the already existing movement?

Can the player’s Camera be put in the animated block in any other way I lack knowledge of, in order to make it a smooth cinematic?

I welcome all solution attempts and will try them all, be it Scripts, Moon Animator tinkering and Blender (if needed). And please understand that I will not fully switch to Moon Animator since I use many Bone Constraints and specific mechanics for animation that Blender has, and Moon Animator will probably never have.

Feel free to ask anything about the problem, I will respond whenever possible.