Cinematic Shots

Ok, so I wanna make a cinematic shot for a story game I’m making. However, it uses the studio’s terrain, and on low graphics (or a lower end device), the whole map won’t render, only showing terrain in a small radius. I’m hoping for an end result something kinda like this:


How could I achieve something like this?

(For those wondering, shot is from BOTW.)


if you want to have things load from far distances you will need to use max graphics and also after looking at the image that you showed in your post I think that its something made using blender rendering, no?

here is an example:
I am using the max quality on roblox and my map render normally

(but you gotta have a strong pc if you want to use the highest graphics)

I get this, but is it in any way possible?

My current plans are:

  • Have Images of different shots, then have an ImageLabel with changing frames.
  • Get images of surrounding scenery, then put them together in a box, like the skybox.

Any other ideas?


there isn’t any other way you need to have max graphics