CioviZs Portfolio | closed

I am a builder and graphic designer currently, however I have recently slowed down on graphics and UI designing and moved mainly onto building. This portfolio will be mainly about building.

I mainly build and create vehicles ranging from aircrafts to trucks. You’ll see most of my trucks are built mainly in the Roblox CSG system and then my aircrafts and more complicated vehicles created in mesh. [Client preference on CSG / Mesh]

I also build sceneric views and I enjoy to create things that are lighting heavy and require atmospheric upgrades.




Agriculture / Organic

Large Projects

I’ll regularly be updating this slideshow as theres more work I’d like to display that I have on my photos that are still not here :L


Small Vehicles - 2k-10k
Mid Vehicles - 5k-15k
Large Vehicles 10k-25k

Per tray of food - 200-1k Robux
Large Map Projects - 30k-75k

Prices are still being regularly changed and are not finalised, I have flunctuating prices consistently
USD - DevEX equivelant

I have created a lot more work that you can find in my other areas of reach like Discord. CIOVIZ#2382 Or Twitter: CioviZ


This is some good building, dude. That food for real making me hungry…imma get something now. lol


Damn, you’ve got some of the most detailed builds I’ve seen. Your food trays look more appealing than most airline food I’ve had in my life as well!
Very fair prices for your work; really hope I see your work around in the future.

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I have worked with CioviZ in the past. His work is downright amazing and I would highly recommend him to anyone.

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Your work is amazing, your portfolio is stunning. I know it currently closed, if you do reopen please contact me were an uk game development company and we need vehicles to this quality asap.


Our game:

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