Circle loading bar effect?

So basicly you know these circle bar effects like this one

Basicly I am not asking for full scripts but how do u do one like that. I can do straight ones but I am not sure how to do circle ones any help will do. If you are wondering why I need one its for destroying things for a game/picking up stuff.

Any videos or something else will also work.

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UserInputService with a local script.

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Alright, so, circles are actually really hard to do. To make a circle, you have to create an image with a line on the right like this one:
After you’ve made the picture, you will have to do a loop that creates these and each loop you make it so that the rotation is higher, higher and higher…
I wouldn’t suggest doing that as it’s impractical, so you are better off using what roblox added recently, but if you want to do it badly, go for it.

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If you want to recreate the effect in the GIF, you could look at the ProximityPrompt source code for how they do this. Under the customization section, there should be a tab you can click on to view the code. In that code, is how they create the effect and the UI.

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Will look sorry for late reponse

Thank u it was what i where looking for