Circle looking like an oval on other screen sizes

Hello! I was wondering if you could keep a circle the same size so the circle isn’t stretched out. I already did scale but it would stretch out the circle on other screens. Please Help!

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I’ll try to help, but I need more detail:

  • What is the circle? Is it a decal, cylinder, or mesh?
  • Are the screens different ratios?
  • Do you have any screenshots?


You can place a UIAspectRatioConstraint inside the ImageLabel with a ratio of 1 (square) to keep it the same size on all devices without needing to use offset.

Since the default ratio is 1, you should just be able to insert the constraint and it will work.

Edit: Also, this post probably belongs in #help-and-feedback:art-design-support rather than here.


I use stelrex’s plugin for the circle

ok! I will change it to that category.

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If you’re using a plugin that is causing the circle to deform, then I don’t know what to do.

Try removing that plugin and see if that fixes it? I’ve never used a plugin before, so I’m not super sure. Do you have a link to the plugin? Then other people who use the same plugin might be able to help…

If it’s a bug with Roblox Studio and not a plugin, then this post should be in #platform-feedback:engine-bugs. You may then also want to see How to post a Bug Report.

Oof, sry I forgot to mark the solution :stuck_out_tongue: it works now!