Circle Shape With Beam

How do you make a circle with the “Beam” object?


You cant make an exact circle but you can try this with 2 beams between two attachments.
The attachments which are connected by the beams are rotated in such a way that their x-Axis’ point in opposite directions.
Then you set CurveSize0 and CurveSize1 of the first beam to a number (let’s call it x) and CurveSize0 and CurveSize1 of the second beam to -x.


circle.rbxm (3.3 KB)
Here’s an example


How did the calculate the values for the CurveSizes?

Guessed them, I’ll see if I can come up with a formula.

Mhk. The calculation specifically was what I was looking for

Seem that the magic number is approximately 0.6875.
Multiply your diameter by that number and the widths should come out fine.


FYI do not rely on beams to create shapes. The number of segments in a beam is tied to quality level.


So hollow out cylinders instead?

If doing that suits OP’s needs better than a beam circle that could be degraded to a line on less powerful machines, yes. Otherwise a double sided cylinder mesh.

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If you really want to use Beams and you want to avoid quality troubles, use one Beam per segment.
The Beam will always stay as one plane, no matter the quality level. Your job is just to put them together to form a circle.


My purpose for this is to create a storm circle. Currently, I’m creating the circle out of 60 different parts which isn’t very circular. I wanted to use the Beam object for a smoother curve. I’ve already tried using a double sided Cylinder mesh, but updating the size and position of a large part results in massive lag spikes.

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Attachments are meant to be very light performance-wise. You could parent them all (and the Beams) to one, single, small part, and then edit that one small part to control everything.
You’d just need to place the attachments/beams right.

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So basically create the circle out of many small straight beam segments rather than parts?

you could just use 1 double sided cylinder

at-least thats what i did (it took like a minute to do it in Blender)



@Fahedgt5 He tried it already and it didn’t work very well for him. Read above for details.

Might want to put that in your original post then.

What you could do, is get a hollow cylinder mesh, add a small part with a special mesh inside, and add the mesh id into it. This removes the physics eliminating all lag.
Feel free to use the file bellow.

Lights.rbxl (13.0 KB)

To scale the mesh, just go inside the part and scale the special mesh. Changing the part color will affect the color of the mesh.



Oh interesting. I will try this once I get a chance to.

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wont let me download it brings me to some page that says “Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.”

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