Circular Beam problem

I’m trying to make a circular text beam, I was wondering of how I can make the text not overlapping. At the end there’s the word “games!!!” and “subscribe”, it overlaps. So I used 2 beams, same texture, same speed. Is there a fix to this?

Did you figure this out?

Also how did you get you beams to be in a circle? I am trying with curvesize but it does not seem to do anything.

Do you happen to have an rbxl file of it working in a circle?

Also for your issue, could you use spaces at the start of the word and end of the sentence?


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bro.rbxl (56.1 KB)

Ok, that is the testing place. For the moving text, as you can see, it doesn’t work as I wanted it to be.

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So, uh, can you help me with it?

what if instead you use 3d text that are in a circle?

How do I do that though? like make it in a circle?