Circus tent modeling

Hello everyone!

I’m working on a project and i’m having trouble on making a circus tent. Something that will look this this.

How do I get the orange and red parts separated in blender? I’m able to make the whole thing as a whole, but I’m looking for a way so that I can import the white and red parts of the tent separately, instead of both together, so that I can change the colors in studio.

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Simply export the colors separately and align them together in Roblox Studio using a smaller increment.

I’m not a Blender nerd, so this probably isn’t the best solution.

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If you can get it to be the same size then just set the xyz to 000

I’d recommend a simple texture for the 2 colors. You could even do something interesting by making one of the colors white and the other red/orange, so you can customize one of the colors easily by chancing ImageColor3. This way, if you have a lot of tents next to each other, you can make them seem less repetitive.