Cirlce Quick Timed Event

Hello there, I’m trying to make a qte just like this, for those who don’t know what a qte is, It’s a quick time event which the player has to use their input in the time given, if not pressed/held/tapped wwithin the time given there is consequences, usually death or for some games harder qte’s.

I’m trying to make a circle qte. Where the circle decreases and shows you when to do the input. Everything is fine except… I don’t know how to scale down a circle like that.

Like that. Any help will be appreciated!

Use Frame:TweenSize() maybe?

:TweenSize() API

Sorry I answered late but although it works, you know tweening and all I’m still left with the problem that when I tween it down it tweens more to the left, it doesn’t balance

You can use TweenService like @Qu1rkify said for the UI. For the backend, you can have a boolean value which says if the player gave any input. After sometime, if the value is false then the player has not given any input.

Have you tried using the Frame.AnchorPoint property or converting the UI from offset to scale? Those are two problems a lot of developers have when it comes to UI.

Oh so I should try anchoring it?

No, anchoring a UI instance will not do anything. In the property tab, you should see AnchorPoint if you have a Frame, TextLabel, etc. selected.
Screenshot (14)

Change X to 0.5 and Y also to 0.5 and see if that works.

Thank you for this, I didn’t even think this would get another reply thank you bro have a good day.