Città Steakout Restaurant Affiliate Information


Throughout this document, you will be informed of our alliance requirements and expectations of your corporation whilst forming an alliance with Città Steakout Restaurant. Prior to submitting an application, please make certain that you meet all stated requirements and expectations within this document, failure to do so will result in your application possibly being denied.

Please verify that you meet all stated requirements below before submitting your application for an alliance. Please do keep in mind that we do accept exceptions on our member count requirement, if you are seeking a said exception please contact a member of our Public Relations Department.

• Must have a good-standing reputation within the Roblox community.
• Must have 150 non-botted members in the Roblox group.
• Must have 90 non-botted members in the Communications Sever.
• Must maintain professionalism at all times throughout operation.
• Must have original games, clothing, designs, etc.
• Must have 2-3 representatives in our Discord server.
• Must follow the Roblox Terms of Service as-well-as our group guidelines.
• Must maintain a sufficient amount of activity at all times of operation.

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