City at Night (Phase 1)

They are the exact same in the asset pack…

No, it’s not, @murjarquitecto made them. It just looks like it but I’m 90% sure that he made them.

Actually mix only the police cars with the Synty pack and some stuff from the other Roblox pack

So @Abcreator, is right, only these types of Models are put to good use

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No, I only do it to entertain myself in the construction, although it can be put to good use, as a showcase :wink:

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is this gta 6 or roblox??? i am confused

Aw, well if you happen to ever publicly release them, I’ll be looking for 'em.

Great build though, I really think the snowy night sky brings it all together.

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As good as ever. You have a lot of talent.

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It looks very well done, that’s why you will always be my favorite builder
Keep it up! :slight_smile:

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looks good, my only concern is the station tiles, are they actually 3d tile objects or is that next generation textures lol. but yeah I would suggest a texture if you can to help performance.

clearly it is seen that they are only meshes in the form of mosaics
(at least I think so)

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I think the sign of the Metro station in one of the images speaks for itself :wink:


That’s amazing ngl. but maybe you could add clouds to the game

You’re right, I knew something was missing from this
Thanks for reminding me

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I think it looks better with the Clouds


you mean the skybox clouds? (where clouds are part of the skybox image)

I could say yes, the sky looked empty without it


It definitely looks a lot better with the clouds added :wink:

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You should add the cloud property, it goes into terrain btw.

this city you made actually looks good, with stuff inside it like the buildings, the cars, etc

but are you using this map for a game or a showcase?