City at Night (Phase 1)


This time I have been working on this new project for a long time, I make this topic to show you phase 1 of the progress that I have made, however, it is not finished yet, there are many small details to add and other areas to fill, so…
My first city in a night version

Enjoy! - murjarquitecto


This looks super nice but the skyscrapers should have more detail. Adding a couple balconies would make the skyscrapers less boring. image

Overall is 10/10 you’ve done an amazing job.


As I said before, it is likely that details are still missing,


Amazing !, one of the best constructions I have seen

I don’t think some balconies make a big difference
But he can try

That’s so cool! Everyone founded the mistakes so I won’t say anything. But it might be laggy. And tall buildings look good!

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Amazing! I love it! Superb! Magnificent! I don’t know what to say! :laughing:

That looks really good! I really like the tiles on the metro station (as that’s not something I would really think to do without any textures lol.). Future lighting looks really good on the build, keep it up!

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This has got to be the most insane build I’ve seen on Roblox! 10/10 :clap:

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Wow that’s impressing! How did you even manage to build something so big?!

Oh my God, you have talent I have nothing to say, I haven’t seen a build so worked in a long time. Congratulations, I have nothing to criticize, keep it up.

Did you create the car models or are they from an asset pack? (If they are can I have a link?)

Either way, looks amazing!

You should make pedestrian crossing signs.

All the cars were created by me (Including the Mail trucks)
The 2 police cars that are seen near the Metro station and Cafeteria are from the Roblox package
But very few

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This is absolutley epic. Will you make this into a game? Or maybe like sell it to a dev.

THIS IS A GREAT BUILD! I love the realism but the snow pile and skyscrapers need a little bit more work. But overall, it’s a 10/10 for me! Post again when you have another build!

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Great use of the new asset packs!

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No. He didn’t use asset packs, he used 1, for the police cars.

Look at the city one, notice the same mail boxes, bins etc.

They probably are different just looks the same. When someone thinks of a mailbox usaully they think of that older type of mailbox. So there could have been a possibility where they both made the same thing.