City creation Devlog #3 | OPEN TEST

The Noir City is still in progress, it has alot of new stuff to add (New buildings, props and etc.) So suggestions are highly welcomed.
Credits to Fifteam for inspiring me with Hardboiled City from Egg Hunt 2018.


Your game is really beautiful but I think you can add some lightning effects to make it better.


When I looked at the image I was reminded of the first Egg Hunt I had participated in. I really liked the map, very nostalgic.


I personally like your map, it’s awesome. I also see you’ve added some colors, which has created more vibrancy, but I also really liked it when it had the black and white style, I like both hehe

But yea, this looks really good, keep up the good work mate, will keep my eyes open for new things to come :eyes:

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