City Creation Feedback

Started developing this game a couple days ago, It’s based of a sandbox world, where as of right now you can make a city, I’ve made some pretty cool builds, but there are a few problems like no snapping/incrementing feature for objects and the gui scaling is a little bust

Read the desc, if you’re gonna check out, so you can know the controls.


This is a really nice project, however I think you should work on making a snapping system so it is a lot faster to build nice things, I am curious where you take this, also I would make it so there are ways to get into the parking lot from the road which is current not possible due to the pavement on the road sections, and make sure that its the same colour as the rest of the road parts :slight_smile:

Also I would try and make it so you can turn in 45° turns instead of 90 as this would help you make nicer things, currently you are very limited. With this the game could be quite fun.

Another thing that could make the game even better is if you could figure out how to make it work on plots so you can play in multiplayer servers and build with your friends.

If you did this I think you could have a really enjoyable game.

Hope this helps you and good luck with it in the future! feel free to pm me if you would like any other feedback.

Thanks for the feedback, maybe I’ll try to figure out an effective way of making a snapping system because it is pretty time consuming for a street to take 10 seconds to place.I’ll fix the problem with the parking lot, I kinda forgot about that part, thanks.

The reason I have it at 90° as of right now is because a lot of these builds are from toolbox meaning they have orientations of 90 to -180 which if I was to put a 45° turn base it kinda gets wonky, but I’ll be putting custom primaryParts on the models so I can have it be 45° later on.

The problem with having multiplayer is first land, the plots would have to be huge, since builds are pretty big, it takes me only about 30 mins to fill half the map up how it is currently, but also everything with the parts are client-side, meaning other players can’t see them or affect them, this helps with lag issues but I’m hoping to add packs to the game other than cities to make it have better longevity and maybe even a tiny leveling system to get more parts tho the game is suppose to be sandbox but who knows.

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It’s a nice concept. It’s essentially city skylines in roblox. I think you should have something similar to bloxburg where you can change the color and material of the wall as the current wall would be too laggy if you tried to make a home.

There should be an option to scale the objects to combat the plot size. Also, try to add some type of increment feature as I struggled to straighten the roads.
Keep working on it and it’ll eventually become successful, I’m sure a lot of old school players miss sandbox games being popular.
hope this helped

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I totally agree with the color changing and maybe material. Though for the scaling objects, I would have to figure out how to scale all the parts in a model but maybe my brain can figure it out , increment feature is probably something I need to try to figure out, how to do I just don’t know where to start and I’m hoping it appeals to more old school player games like NullSenseStudio’s Sandbox was interesting. Thanks for responding.

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So i’ve been trying to make a snapping feature or incrementing feature but i’ve had no luck and/or just movement glitches.

I’ve added incrementing for roads, now, so it’s much easier to place them, i’ve also made a simple day and night button, made a music module that loops a “Playlist”, i’ve added effects and sfx for placing items now.

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I love the idea of the game, but I tried it, but the gui is a little glitched. If you fix that, the game would be pretty good.

I fixed the gui as much as I think I could thanks for the feedback.

Alright. I’ll try it again and give another review.

I have tried the game, and it’s quite fun! The game gives me a city tycoon vibe. I have some screenshots.

Quite a good game, but update the guis, and make your own models. (I recognize the parking lot, road, and fence.), and add more buildings, trees, and more. Other then that, it’s a great game.

Good job, and add updates.

Nice man, I really like it, just maybe try adding more a variety of buildings if you want to go down an advanced path, but it looks great!

Yeah, I was thinking of hiring maybe a builder to get costume models of my own, also when you mean update the guis, do you mean make them have new look?, also yeah I’m adding new things slowly every day, I want to add tons more buildings and environmental objects but It would much easier to find these If I new how build myself, Thanks for trying out the game, I really love what you did with the mountains

Alright. I’ll get straight to the point. Update the guis to show you what the shop looks like.
Like this:Annotation 2020-08-10 123206
(This was taken from a youtube video.)

Another thing you said is that you are not a builder. I do understand that you are a programmer, not a builder, and would need to hire one in order to continue the project without free models. Unless you try to learn. It does take time to learn, and I’m early in the learning stage but could still help you a bit (I don’t do blender ;-;.) Here is a picture of some of my work:

I wish you the best of luck with this game.

I could see myself making a gui system like that but it would(for me) take the simplicity and easy way of picking objects, also I need to learn how to make good looking gui also, I just added an update with 4 new buildings, new plants, and decoration, etc. That build looks really good and also fits the style of the game I’m trying to go but I’m not too much of reliable guy, so I don’t know If i’ll keep up on this project, personally tho, since I started making this game for me to have fun in(I spend a few hours a day in the game lol) and sometimes I can lose interest, thanks man, you’ve really inspired me to learn about making better gui’s your the first person to really bring it up.

I am the same on reliability. I don’t continue projects, which is not good if I want to keep on building/modeling. I’ll try out the update soon, but meanwhile, I found a tutorial on YouTube that might help you.

The other thing you could do to find all of them is search “guis roblox” or “advanced guis roblox” to learn how to make the guis look better. I briskly went through some of them, and they seem like good tutorials.

Good luck.

I tried the game (again), and it’s still really fun! The new update is quite good, but maybe hire a builder. I have a screenshot of something I made in-game.

Wow, that build looks like 10x better than my builds I make in the game, lol, I guess I should expect that from someone who is a builder/modeler, thanks man.

Hey, I don’t model a lot, but I know about design. But yeah, I have nothing else to say, but good game, and you should hire a builder.

Thanks, I really appreciate it