City Explorer using Tile Maps - OPEN SOURCE

Inspired by @Widgeon’s AirX 2020 Testing place, I’ve built my own tile map renderer from the ground up using and, with the intention of just allowing you to explore any city with as much detail as possible.
My game currently renders buildings, roads, oceans, freshwater bodies/rivers, railways, and foot paths.

I’m also working on using these data sources to create an open source world map in Roblox similar to Google Maps or OpenStreetMap.

Play the game:

See the source code:

In-game screenshots:


San Francisco





Woah! I’m interested just by the screenshots you’ve provided.

Very unqiue and cool! Good luck! :smiley:

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WOW. Incredible work here, I am impressed. It is really fun exploring a mini version of your own city

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This is looking awesome! Also, do you know how to post in the Collaboration section? The button is grey for me.

This is really amazing. I mean, this is really cool, it is interesting to see real world cities created in Roblox. But anyways, this is brilliant.

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this is very cool, tried it out and its even cooler

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This is literally the coolest thing I’ve seen in a long time.

Color me impressed!

Going off the screenshots you provided (and also playing the game), this is one of the most impressive uses of ROBLOX technology I have ever seen even in my 3 years on the platform.

The way that you can use technology in this way, to create this generator, is astonishing!

If you don’t mind me asking, is the generator automatic or do you have to program it to other locations?

Thanks for allowing us to give feedback.

I’m impressed on the cities! Good game I’d say!

There’s a server list when you join where you can join an existing server for a location or enter a city name, landmark, or address.

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