City I Built 3 Years Ago

So I was looking through my projects in studio out of boredom, and I found a project that I abandoned 3 years ago! I joined studio I think around 2019 or 2020, so I wasn’t that good at building at that time. What do you guys think of my old building skills?

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For the time that this was released in, this is a fairly good build. I might update a few things using new Roblox Studio features, but other than that, it all looks good.


Looking back I can see alot of things in the map that could’ve been improved, but I’m glad my building back then was at least okay :joy:

This city looks decent! Nice job on it!

I’d say that it was more than okay. I don’t think I could build a better city using the current version of Roblox Studio :joy:

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