City Project 2 | Suggestions needed!

EDIT FROM 31/10/2019: I forgot to save the game, so I have to work it all over. Sorry!

Hello! I’ve actually stopped working on my previous project, City Project, because it doesn’t work anymore… That’s why I’m making City Project 2! It’s not really done yet, though…
Original Post: City Project | Suggestions needed!


You already know that.


Vote on what you want to see!

  • More decoration
  • More lighting
  • More effort

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(If you chose more effort, it’ll take more time to release.


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@undecided - Scripter(s)
@undecided - Environment Designer(s)
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Have a nice day! :smile:
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The trees are decent, I just suggest having the fence look better.


I’ll keep that in mind, thanks for the suggestion!

Having curved fences doesn’t look effective, try a picket fence (they look nice!) :slight_smile: .

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Here it is:

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Try have a quick look through that!

This one is great on giving life to your world!


Are you going for a natural or simplistic look?

Just a natural look. :slightly_smiling_face:

In my opinion, it hardly looks natural. I suggest having each tree being a different size and form. It is much or organised with the trunks in line and the leaves in the same form of pattern.

I suggest having branches sprout out in all directions. Instead of a tiny amount of leaves and unconceivable branches at the top. Maybe have the branches hang over the path itself (the path looks really nice) for a better effect.


Have the trunk steadily increase in width as it draws near the bottom.

Alright, so the poll closed. So its decided, i’m gonna try and put more effort in! :smile:

Thank you for voting in the poll.

I find the trees to be a bit repetitive. Instead of placing them in a pattern, maybe try placing them by hand, (or place them by hand in a segment then copy that over.)

Also, if you’re making this a large focus on the trees, maybe add more detail to them.

Adding a bit of depth to the map also can help make it look more detailed. (Maybe make the grass a bit lower than the path?)

I quickly recreated what you’re trying to make but with what a bigger variation in angles and positions with different trees, to show what this can do to the visuals of your game.


I notice that the trees are quite cramp, as well as being repetitive and a defined pattern is seen when looking at those trees. I recommend you attempt to try to space out the trees more, as well as try to make the tree’s locations more random. I don’t have very much experience building trees, but those are things that I try to do with any decoration.

However, great job on the fence! Your skills looks fairly promising, especially with the noticeable improvement from the original picture.

Will your buildings be basic or detailed about your city?

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Yeah. That was me.
But, I did fixed it! I actually saved it!


Have fun!

The new images of the game!

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It looks amazing. Though it sort of looks like the bench is floating.


In addition, I suggest you not use decals for the fences.


Yeah, I forgot to check if it was floating. Fixed! On the fence part, I’m working on that.

much better looks good,
I really like the pond

Try to make mesh trees instead of blocky one.
Mesh trees will make your showcase much more better.