City street suggestions

Hello, I’m building a street and trying to improve it. The street feels a bit empty, could you suggest what should I add to the street (other than street lights) or change something in the street?


Maybe add a food truck or a street performer to fill the place.


A normal street usually will have the following:

  • Stop signs,
  • Intersections/Crossways,
  • Road name signs,
  • Light poles
  • Trash bins
  • Electrical boxes for local building utility
  • Trees & small foliage patches
  • Drains
  • Manholes

Also not sure which country you are in but if that road is 2-way then I suggest making the yellow line solid, which indicates no-crossing.

Hopefully this gives you more insight/inspiration for what you can create next! Good luck!


Thanks! I’ll try to fix it all and add stuff you included.

You could add trash cans, etc…
The graphics makes it look empty and liminal. I think that switching to Shadow map might help a bit (the shadows make stuff look much better) unless if that’s what you are trying to achieve.
Try to add some random props such as grass in the corners, etc… Adding intersections might help too, it makes your map feel bigger and it reduces emptiness.
Hope it helps!


It’s not all about a big map, it’s a part of a lobby.

The buildings look good!

You should add road signs, trash cans (on the sidewalks), some manholes on the streets and maybe the sidewalks, and some lights on the buildings by the doors and windows to light up the place.


add a skybox, atmosphere,streetlights, parked cars, variation of windows (some can be dirty; especially at the lower floors, and others turned on)


I don’t really want to make it too detailed, street lights and road signs are enough.

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Looks good so far! Maybe add AC units in some windows, hanging gardens from windows, balconies, and similar things to add some variation to the buildings.


Looks nice, I like the little shop window you added. If you want more details, I’d try some maybe terraces or flowers etc. on some of the windows to make it a bit less monotonous, and like others mentioned, add things that streets usually have, especially lights, but also bins, trees, more benches, etc.

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I love the idea you have, Adding onto what @Druiren says, to make the street look less empty, You could do the following things:

  1. You can change the material of the sidewalk to something with grooves in it.
  2. A little more emphasis on Plants as no one likes a Concrete Jungle
  3. Moving the Sidewalk a Little inwards for things like Bus Stops, Parkings, Bicycle Lanes
  4. You can add Layers of Buildings, What I mean is Instead of having tall wall like buildings directly beside the road, you can have short/small commercial buildings upfront and then behind them tall wall like buildings, it will feel alot more bigger. (Adds Depth in my opinion)
  5. Ground aside, I’d focus on the buildings like adding some variety in the buildings would be good looking. As much as I can see all buildings have windows at the same level, same overall layout and same pattern, you can make the place standout by adding uniqueness to each building, but that’s personal choice.

Overall please take suggestions of other people as well and do what suits you best! All the best!