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Raids organised by the Civil War Community can only be performed on groups which are official as per the officialization regulations.

This section provides the standard requirements a raid must meet before being considered official and counting towards the general battle scores. This section also provides the rules that all raids must abide to. Any violations of these rules and requirements must be directed to a moderator for further review of the situation.

Any major issues should be sent to DictatorLaw at law#8340 for final review, please be warned however as his word is hypothetically final meaning it will not be overruled and will be judged purely on facts of the scenario - public opinion will not influence it.



The highest moderator form is the Judges, although unlikely to attend a raid they are responsible for making sure that rules are followed by the book. They judge based on fact and have been taught how to interpret the rules correctly. Any misconduct of a Moderator or perverse decisions should be reported to a Judge immediately.

Moderators have been classed as either “Fence” moderators or “Group” moderators, a Fence moderator is someone who is not influenced by either Army and as such has no bias. Any Fence Moderator who does show bias will be demoted down to a Group moderator.

The role of the Fence Moderator is to oversee the battle as a whole, making sure that pre-rally rules are followed and the battle starts at the specified time. They also safeguard from people abusing the admin tool by watching the logs of the game. Any of the teams present may be moderated by a Fence Moderator if they violate a rule. At least 1 Fence Moderator must be present in a raid.

A Group moderator is responsible for watching over there own men, not the other teams men. If they notice misconduct from the other side they should report it to a Fence Moderator so they can deal with the situation fairly. A Group moderator can freely kick a specific member if they violate a rule.


Lead Judges


Fence Moderators

Head Moderator


Group Moderators

Head Moderators


^ If the player has participated in the raid, they should not be asked to cast judgment or moderate. Those without this will not participate in a raid.


These rules only apply for raids.

By joining CWC’s group or game you automatically agree to rules and expectations. Failure to read the rules is reckless - meaning you can still be held accountable for your actions even though you were not aware you were breaking the rules.


Valid Games:

Gettysburg - Domination
Nation Divided - TDM
South Mountain - TDM


R1) At least one Fence Moderator or above should attend a raid to moderate, no other parties may moderate the raid. If the Moderator crashes mid raid, they must either rejoin or another player should step in as a temporary moderator (the player cannot battle).
R2) Raids should begin with an equal amount of players on either side unless the other team is happy to have unbiased numbers - a screenshot should be taken of them agreeing if this happens.
R3) Raids will start at a specified time. The time may be extended if both parties agree OR if the game is experiencing technical difficulties.
R4) Raids will end once the Moderator announces that the raid is over, until the announcement is made the raid will continue as planned until the natural ending of the raid is reached. If a specific army surrenders (by withdrawing or directly declaring), then the battle will be awarded to side which did not surrender.
R5) If a player crashes and another player takes the place then it is your fault. Raids can become unbiased in numbers after they have begun unless otherwise specified.
R6) An officer from a specified team should not use command on the other team’s men. Failure to abide by this will result in a demotion and/or loss of administrative powers.


Q1) During raids, only HR’s are allowed to speak to the enemy.
Q2) Team-chat should be used at all times during raids, to team-chat simply type /t before your sentence.
Q3) You cannot use commands which obstruct the other the view of players outside your army.
Q4) Desertion of battle is grounds for demotion, or, if done multiple times, exile.
Q5) Raid orders are absolute. Officers will give orders while in battle, these orders must be followed to the letter in order to assure victory - if you do not follow orders you may be kicked by your own moderators.
Q6) Rallies are hosted 15-30 minutes before the battle, they are hosted like this because instructions are given during these rallies. It is important that you show up to these. Anyone attending before this can be seen to be pre-rallying which is not tolerated under the rules.
Q7) The raid server must be unoccupied 2 hours prior to the raid.
Q8) Do not place everyone into the server at once.
Q9) Spamming in-game chats is prohibited. Doing so will result in a kick from the game.
Q10) Wearing gear you are not allowed to wear is a warn-able offence, and may end in being kicked.
Q11) Hacking or exploiting the server is not allowed on any grounds. Doing this will result in a ban from the game and discord.
Q12) Trolling is not acceptable.
Q13) Do not roleplay / fight as any other rank other then your own.
Q14) If you offend a moderator in game, expect a warning in the discord as well.
Q15) If you fail to roleplay / battle properly (this does not include grammar) then you are in violation of this rule and as such will be warned. The following items are examples of what might be a violation: God modding, spawn killing, breaking the laws of physics, constant jokes. You may be kicked during a raid for these.
Q16) You may be warned in the discord if you create arguments for reasons which are not justified, some examples are: causing arguments when it is not needed, arguing with a moderator over there decision and causing arguments which are unnecessary.
Q17) You may be warned if you spam asking for help in game for no reason.
Q18) Do not give yourself gear your not allowed to have.
Q19) Do not name yourself, or obstruct your name in any way. This has been highlighted as its own rule as it is for moderation logging which is a key part of our justice system at the community.
Q20) If you lose a raid then do not harass the enemy, doing so will result in a community ban.
Q21) Any violations of the rules should be taken to the Judges / Fence Moderators, not the leaders or HR’s within the armies.

approved by law, because law doesn’t make biased rules. :wink:

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