Civilian Spawn Ideas?

Hello Everyone!

Im Currently Working On A Spawn For Civilian Players And I Want To Make The Spawn Welcoming And Inviting To New Players.

Can You Suggest Any Things I Should Add Here To Make It Look More Nicer (The Game Is Themed In A City).


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Seems pretty nice… just make sure you have somewhere besides in the parking lot for them to spawn (maybe a sidewalk?). People would not like it if the first thing they did was get hit by a car.

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Thanks, Ill Add That Now And Add It To The Pictures!

Lots of bushes or other shrubbery. add a few cars and just some small decorations will make a it look better (like a stop sign or something.)

Thanks Ill Begin To Add These Now!

Added Sidewalk
Added Bushes And Small Details.


Hi! Seems really cool :smile: you could try adding a parking plot for the people with disabilities, those blue ones with the wheelchair icon :wheelchair:

Thanks I’ll definitely add some of these!