Clamping TextLabels to a single line?

Is it possible to clamp text from textlabels to 1 line only?

I want these to look a tad bit more uniform.

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What if you turned off TextWrapped?

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I think that if you have Text Scaled on, then Text Wrapped is automatically on. If you want to clamp the text, then turn off Text Scaled (if you have it on).


There exists a whitespace character called a nonbreaking space that prohibits line changes after it.
To type it on Windows with a 10 key numpad, make sure numlock is on, hold alt, then type 255 in the numpad. I created a TextScaled TextLabel with the following words spaced out by standard whitespace characters:

The same TextScaled TextLabel with nonbreaking spaces in between the words:

More info on a nonbreaking spaces: Non-breaking space - Wikipedia

If you just want to copy-paste the character, select between the quotes and copy it: " "


Just turn text wrapped off
hope this helps also make sure the lineheight is 1

Yeah, but if you turn TextWrapped off, TextScaled is turned off as well. The dev might want TextScaled.

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Turning off Text Wrapped and Text Scaled are not good ideas, since I am using the same UI for all devices except XBOX (even then just doing a radial menu)