Clarification on if we can fork Roblox core scripts (e.g. new Bubble Chat UI) on the platform without violating licensing

Issue Description

As a developer who relies on Roblox’s core scripts, I want to understand Roblox’s position on developers forking the CoreScripts (which are available in Studio under CorePackages) to modify them as appropriate for our games.

Historically this hasn’t been an explicit problem, and I’m not asking that these be “open sourced”, which obviously would require significant resourcing by Roblox. Previously, many of the relevant scripts were explicitly placed in “userland” and could be modified and overwritten - this has changed since the new BubbleChat was released as a core script. Staff at the time said this:

To me, this isn’t clear if Roblox is saying it’s not technically capable, or if we are restricted by license from forking. A confirmation or clarification on how we’re meant to treat this code would be appreciated and clear up some of the licensing worries that some developers feel on this issue. I’m not the only developer with these questions; see the following examples: BubbleChat's Epic Makeover - #205 by Noble_Draconian, The Big Bubble Chat Rework - #124 by riles_jan, and BubbleChat's Epic Makeover - #654 by ee0w

Example Use Case

I want to add a specific colour to a Player’s bubble chat when they’re speaking in Team Chat as opposed to publicly. I can do this very simply by forking the Roblox BubbleChat modules, modifying the relevant files, disabling the built-in Bubble Chat and just running mine in user-land. This has great benefit to me (I don’t have to code an entire bubble chat UI library from scratch!) and improves the experience of my players. I see this as a win-win for the platform and for developers.

The reason I’m requesting this under documentation is that this isn’t an engineering feature, but a request for clarification on the licensing which should be put into the developer documentation site.

Issue Area: Documentation Content
Page URL: Roblox Creator Documentation


Thanks for the report. We will let the team have a look at this.


I’m asking myself this same question! Is there any update on this? Been a while.
Specifically, I wanna alter the new Bubble Chat to suit my needs.



Hello @unix_system! Thank you for reaching out. Yes, you are able to fork CoreScripts, and we added license into the scripts for this purpose :slight_smile:


To confirm, which scripts are you referring to as being licensed? Quite a few packages would be of significant help to developers that remain entirely unlicensed. I would love to start a discourse to get more internal packages licensed because, previously, Roblox has been very silent on this matter.

The React (Roact17) family of packages have been exceptionally well received by developers in the OSS ecosystem. Still, other translated packages such as Apollo and GraphQL are not licensed (although derived from MIT packages like React was), so they cannot be (legally) adopted by developers.

Additionally, Roblox has quite a few bespoke tooling packages, which would greatly help developers. For example, DeveloperFramework is the framework Roblox uses for internal plugins, but developers cannot trivially reuse anything inside of it without breaking licensing laws. The same applies to DeveloperTools and others.


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