Clarification: Restricted access games no longer show on Games page

Hey Developers,

We’ve been made aware of some confusion regarding the presence of group-only games on the Games page’s sorts.

Previously, games that were only playable by friends and group members would still appear on the Games page if they reached the top of a sort. However, this behavior was recently changed so that games that are not fully public do not appear on any of the sorts.

We’ve done this as it does not seem fitting to have games that limit access to certain players appear in the game sorts that are displayed to all players.

This change does not affect playability whatsoever; these games are still fully discoverable via the website search and the page of the group or player that owns them. Additionally, we’ve filed a ticket internally to add a warning that provides the developer with information about the game not appearing on the Games page when they restrict access to their games.

Developer Relations Team


Great to see this finally happened. A while ago, there were some games that made the games private to prevent people playing (and disliking) them to serve as advertising.


Good update, will solve this issue I assume:


What do Paid Access games count as with this change? It feels like they should appear in the same rankings as free games, just like they do on other platforms like Steam.

Thank you by the way, for limiting friends & group only games from the games page sorts. It was irritating to see someone jack their ratings up then close the game so no one could knock it off.


I believe that Paid Access games are technically considered public, so they’re still displayed.


Welcome to Bloxburg is a paid access only game, and it still appears on the Games page meaning that paid access games seem to be unaffected by this change.

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I thought about that, but I bought access to that game so it no longer shows as paid access for me. I could have gone on an alt to check but I thought that asking the question would be beneficial to anyone else who was wondering the same thing.

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