Clarify when and why a DataStore key may be throttled / remove reference to key throttling

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to fully understand the DataStore limits, one of the reasons for this is because of a singular sentence in the “Limits” section of the DataStore article which reads:

If the data store key itself is throttled, the request is temporarily skipped but still in the queue.

This is either a remnant of the documentation after the Removal of 6s Cool Down for Data Stores or there is some undocumented throttle to DataStore keys (which many devs have implied they have run into, although I cannot verify the validity of such info).

Clarity is important when it comes to DataStore limits (since we are handling important player-data) so little references to extra limits like this is scary to see. Preferably either this sentence should be removed (if there really is no throttle on keys ever) or if there is some circumstance (even if a bit technical, or in a worse-case scenario) when a key itself may be throttled, it should be documented in the "Limits’ section, like all other DataStore limits.

If this issue is addressed, it would improve my development experience because I would be better able to determine whether my usage of DataStores would function correctly or if I’d run into limits.


This request has sort of been made irrelevant by the updated re-write of the DataStore article mentioning Throughput Limits as a reason for why a key may be throttled, these limits however still aren’t documented very well and I have decided to create a separate feature request specifically about that issue: DataStore article should clarify more about "Throughput Limits"

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