Clash of Blox | Game Report #1

A Quick Message :mailbox:

It’s almost coming up to a week after we first announced Clash of Blox on our Twitter. The amount of support we’ve received in the past few days has been absolutely insane, and we thank you so much for all your positive feedback on what we have shown so far.

We understand that we haven’t been too clear on the technicals of the game - our sneak peaks have only included assets showcasing the game’s buildings, maps and troops.

In order to give you all a better insight as to what Clash of Blox really is, and what it will be, we will be releasing multiple game reports leading up to release/beta outlining the games features and other more in-depth information that we just can’t slap onto a sneak peak!

What is Clash of Blox? :thinking:

Clash of Blox is an upcoming real-time strategy game filled with loads of action packed combat and defensive bases where the main objective is to build your villages, upgrade your defenses, research troops, build armies and earn money by raiding/attacking enemy villages as well as collecting resources from your village’s resource collectors.

Each player will have a ‘village’ where they train armies, research troops and upgrade buildings and defensive structures. The stronger the base, the more powerful their village is; enabling them to lose less stuff when they are attacked by other players.

The game has three main elements: attack, defend and upgrade, and in the following paragraphs, there will be a detailed explanation for all of them.

Attack :crossed_swords:

The player will be able to train armies filled with a variation of troops and spells. To train troops, the player will need to build armouries to train them and army camps to house them. The spell stirrer may also be placed to allow spells to be brewed and housed. A new spell or troop is unlocked when armouries and spell stirrer are upgraded, army camps when upgraded give more housing space for armies.

Each troop will bring a different way to attack and all have unique ways of being used. With these armies, the player will be able to participate in various different attacking game modes. Today we’ll only be mentioning our ‘Classic’ game mode.

When the player selects the classic game mode from the menu, it will search for villages that the player can begin an attack on. The player is able to place troops and spells that will target the villages buildings and defending troops. By damaging and destroying resource storages and Town Halls, the player will be able to steal the enemy’s loot.

Attacking in ‘Classic’ is scored via percentage of buildings destroyed. 50% destruction awards one star, Town Hall destruction awards another, and complete destruction awards all 3 stars. The more stars awarded in an attack, the more bonus rewards that will be rewarded. If no stars are obtained, and an attack is unsuccessful, the attacker will be penalised and loss resources instead.

Defend :guardsman:

The player will be able to build weapons such as Field Guns, Hwachas and Spell Launchers for example in order to protect their village’s resource storages from being robbed and their Town Hall from being destroyed. In ‘Classic’ mode, the aim is to make sure the attacker leaves empty handed and defeated. If the attacker fails, then the defender is awarded the attackers loss penalty.

The player will be able to arrange their base the way they want, using tactics and other strategic methods to ensure they can create the most powerful base possible. The player can also assign a limited amount of troops to help defend their base, although it can only be a small amount. These will be housed in a placeable building called the Outpost.

In order for the player to unlock new defensive buildings and levels or anything new and more powerful in their village, they will need to upgrade their Town Hall, the hub of the village. The Town Hall as a sort of power level, the higher the Town Hall, the more access the player has to more powerful buildings and levels. The Town Hall will be the first thing the player will place in their empty plot when beginning the game.

Upgrading :building_construction:

The player will be able to upgrade troop levels, weapons, buildings and spells in order to make them more powerful. This will enable them to attack and defend against stronger villages and armies. Upgrades and new buildings unlock upon the upgrade of the town hall. All town halls limit the amount of upgrades the player can do until a new town hall is bought.

Upgrades take time to complete, but they are able to be sped up or finished by spending Gems (our premium currency) Gems are able to be obtained for free in small amounts by Gem Furnaces, as well as purchased in store in larger amounts. If you are unable to afford buying a new building or level, you can also spend gems to cover the cost.

Upgrading brings a new purpose in the game and makes every base different in its own way. It brings a lot of fun to the game by being able to see your armies and village grow and become more powerful over time. We are super excited to see the village layouts and strategies you all create when we release.

Conclusion :wave:

This is only scraping the surface. We cannot reveal all the specific details about the game just yet, although we thought it was best we clarify the game’s main aspects for those who aren’t so sure what Clash of Blox is all about.

Again, we’ll be releasing a few of these reports leading up to launch/beta to announce more in-depth game information. There’s so much more to talk about, and we are so excited to hear what you guys think of them.

Thank you so much for reading! :heart: ~ @fs_s (Project Lead)

PSSSST - since you made it this far down, we have a release ETA of December - January, Beta coming weeks before release and is selective, so you might wanna join our Discord to try and be the first to get a spot when we release applications :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: