Class returning nil on weapons system


So currently I’m trying to script a weapon system utilizing OOP (or just Object Oriented Programming). But while creating a class for a weapon, the Attributes meant to be used for self is returning nil values instead.

While printing the contents, it returns {} instead of the Class.

Script Contents / Hirearchy Module:
function Tool, Config: Configuration)
    local self = setmetatable({}, { -- creates self
	    __index = item;
	    __newindex = function(t, i, v)
		    if not Config:GetAttribute(i) then return end
		    Config:SetAttribute(i, v)

    self.Tool = Tool; -- basic stuff
    self.Handle = Tool.Handle;
    self.Config = Config;

    for i,v in Config:GetAttributes() do -- Point of error / where everything else is added
	    self[i] = v;

    return self; -- suppsoed to return self and its contents

local ReplictedStorage = game:GetService(“ReplicatedStorage”);

local Mod = require(ReplictedStorage.Mod);

local Tool = script.Parent
local Config = Tool.Config

local Weapon =, Config); -- Class created here
print(Weapon); -- where contents check is
Weapon:Setup() -- unimportant for now

What could be the issue here?

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Did you try using a different variable aside from ‘self’?

That wouldn’t do anything, the variable would just be self under a different name.

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i think you had to do something like

setmetatable({}, utl)

Forgot to say that I found a solution for this topic.
I turns out __newindex screwed with how stuff in tables were added to it, so after reordering some code and functions, it was fixed, and ready for use.

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