Classic Instance Icons Pack for Design Refresh

Honestly, I would have held off on making one of these so early to give people a chance to at least try the new icons before knee-jerk deciding they hate them, but definitely a welcome resource. Someone else would have done it eventually, was just hoping it would take a few days.


That would be exactly why I didn’t link the post in the main thread!

This way at least someone has to hate them enough that they go out of their way looking for the replacement pack :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you for saving me the time and trouble of cropping all of these from the old sprite sheet! I think a lot of developers would prefer icons that more accurately represent their services/instances rather than clean, abstract recreations of them.

On a related note: is there currently a way to revert other studio icons outside of explorer? I don’t recall seeing this mentioned in the original update post, and I’d really appreciate if Roblox provided backward compatibility for these elements as well.


OOOOOOOH thanks !!!

couldn’t ask for more :slight_smile:

New icons are rubbish with light mode, thanks for posting this :slight_smile:


It is possible and I’ve seen it. It has to do with the way the folders are set up for the custom icons. I think this here uses the method to do it if you want to see how.

i have an suggestion
maybe make it a little custom by picking some icons for the obscure classes, like CoreGui and the ones not shown on Explorer

there are websites with alot of those styled-icons

If you’re wondering where ROBLOX took the icons from, it’s from a free icon pack called ‘Silk’.

Many iconic ROBLOX things are free assets lol. Even the iconic ROBLOX sword was taken from some free models website


I’m going to make a fully custom one of my own regardless so I’ll probably leave this one as an exact copy.

It’s easy for people to customize away from this by renaming the files in the zip it they want.

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please let me know if u find out

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Thanks alot for this icons, this saves lots of time.

There is a problem however, when selecting objects their icons are going all-white.
If there a solution to this?


This is something Roblox recently changed about explorer selections sadly. This will happen regardless of which icons you’re using, but it looks very unnatural with the classic icons. The only solution I’ve found so far is to toggle FFlagStudioDrawIconsOnTopOfSelection to false. The FFlag was removed from C some unknown time ago so there isn’t a way (that I know of) to disable this now.


They don’t look bad; it’s just affecting my workflow because I’ve gotten used to associating Workspace with a globe, etc. over the past few years.


I wonder if someone could make a 4k upscaled version of these at some point


Do you have the rest of the icons in studio as well?

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Thanks for this, the new Icons were absolutely frustrating.

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Thank you soo much the new icons sucked

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doesn’t seem to work for me, i downloaded the zip and selected the folder (i put it into documents). nothing upon restart

edit: nevermind they work

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Could you give a quick guide on how to do this please?

There’s a few ways. I edit them through Max’s Roblox Studio Mod Manager since the program has a menu for editing FFlags, which makes it a lot more easier than manually editing them through ClientSettings.