Vanilla 3 - The pragmatic icon set for Roblox Studio

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Vanilla is a professionally-designed, function first icon pack for Roblox Studio.

Every icon was drawn with glance-ability, clear forms and a consistent style in mind, to serve as effective landmarks in dense UI.

A pixel-perfect duotone look ensures maximum legibility and an efficient usage of pixels to convey shapes, edges and depth.

Geometric angles and sharp corners give a robotic edge, while round corners and occasional organic forms retain a friendly feel.

Over 600+ icons included

Vanilla has been completely redesigned and rebuilt from the ground up for version 3, with a grand total of over 600 new and retouched icons for the explorer panel alone. Every instance, ribbon bar button and quick action now has its own high-DPI icon!

Style your Studio your way

Vanilla comes with four colour palettes in both Light and Dark themes! The Colourful palette uses five distinctive colours to help you get work done and navigate the interface quickly, while the Mono themes stick to one colour for a more stylised feel.


Crystal clear pixels

Each icon is designed around a 16x16 pixel grid, so they’re crisp and clear with pixel-perfect lines and high readability at a glance.

100% free for personal use

Ready to upgrade your Studio aesthetic? You can download the Studio icon pack (with installation instructions included) over on the official web page:

Visit the Vanilla webpage (

Got any design feedback, or found a showstopper issue? Whatever you want to say, drop a reply below and I’ll be happy to help.

Enjoy your fresh new icons! :slightly_smiling_face:

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So cool! insane that you put it out for free with this level of quality!


Thanks for the kind words! I put a lot of work into the entire set, but I think it’s worth sharing since otherwise it’d never be seen by anyone else :stuck_out_tongue:


This is 100% something I recommend using if you think roblox is “Overdue” a icon overhaul (such as myself)
It really is something you should use in my opinion!


This is absolutely gorgeous, I love the design!

Plus, it’s just nice to have icons that are consistently styled across all of Studio.


Great work! I really like the designs!


Loving. It.
Roblox was overdue for a icon refreshment, and I think this is exact direction they should have headed for.


Problem, regardless of what method I use, it never overrides. Any solutions?


If you’re installing the icons manually, make sure you’re adding them to the latest version of Roblox Studio.

On Windows, try sorting the Versions folder by date modified. The folder you need will be on top:


From there, make sure you’re inserting the ‘ClassImages.png’ file into /content/textures - the Mod Manager icons won’t work with a manual install!

If you’re not installing manually, but are instead using Roblox Studio Mod Manager, that’s a bug with that program - contact CloneTrooper1019 for help with that, since I don’t maintain that program myself.

Hope that helps :slightly_smiling_face:


Wait no, I figured out why it wasn’t working, had the ClassImages.PNG overridden in the Mod Folder, so it was reading that


Absolutely Incredible!
I love the Icons so much, they look clean, modern, and simple. The default Icons felt a little old so a refresh might motivate me to spend more time on Studio :slightly_smiling_face:

Again, Thank you very much for making this, you’re such a talented person, keep it up :+1:


this is absolutely amazing.


Very nice! been waiting for a while since i saw it on twitter!


This looks really good, but if you can, can you add a different icon for each instance, it’s easier to recognize that way, Roblox should do it too. So let’s say, you have “ClickDetector”, instead of having the same icon as “ProximityPrompt”, you could have a hand pushing a button or something like that. Same goes for many others, but it’s really cool anyways :eyes:.


Absolutely insane! I’ve been wanting them since I saw you started doing them on Twitter. I’m curious, how many icons did you make in total?


With Mod Manager it’s technically possible to do, but requires more effort to do. It also makes updates harder to do; as Roblox adds new icons to Studio, you’d have to keep reassigning your custom icons.

I could possibly create a set of ‘extra’ icons you could download in addition to the ‘default’ set in the future?


123 here total, but I have many others for all the other parts of the Studio interface (just in case those become moddable too!)


That sounds good. But I hope Roblox will do it too, since it’s hard to find certain Instance. I usually have a lot of BaseValue’s and it’s harder to find the right BaseValue, because every BaseValue has same icon, instead of different ones; like those

  • BoolValue - A hand pointing at checkbox, or something.
  • ObjectValue - A hand pointing at cube.
  • Vector3Value - A hand pointing at 3 lines with have assigned axis name on it.

and I can go on.


Quick question; what do you use to make your icons?


I use Figma: