Classic Instance Icons Pack for Design Refresh

Could you give a quick guide on how to do this please?

There’s a few ways. I edit them through Max’s Roblox Studio Mod Manager since the program has a menu for editing FFlags, which makes it a lot more easier than manually editing them through ClientSettings.

Some of the new instance’s icons are broken but thank you.

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it didnt work i did everything still not changed!

Is there a way to do it without the mod manager?

there is little problem here upper icons is not included can you do upper icons?

The main bar icons aren’t supported in theming yet by Roblox but this has been promised. Once they’re supported I’ll make a pack including them.

exucse me vanilla 3 is had customized upper icons

it is decapreted? i try it and i still have the new icons

i literally cant use studio with the new icons because it severely increases the amount of time i need to analyze what something is instead of me just instantly knowing from looking at the icon, i have a hard time recognizing colored box #65647 apart fgrom the other ones


I’ve been using them since they were released and I’m only having trouble with the view category of the ribbon bar. The class icons are fine.

Doesn’t work now for some reason. It doesn’t change the icons

Yeah unfortunately the second directory/folder isn’t “RobloxCustom” and it is just the name of the icon pack which seems to be what causes this issue.

If you select the folder inside the icon pack folder then it should work.

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this comment is very relatable

This might be a bit controversial, but I actually do somewhat miss the 2022 icons that were out for a short period of time. Maybe with a little bit of image editing and recoloring, they can suit one’s needs. Where can I find them?


I personally love the older icons and dislike the new icons.

The old ones made sense and were obvious what was what and the new icons are all so similar and so hard to distinguish what is what. Also, I don’t like the design on the new icons, period.

what do you mean? the short lived blue icons or something??

Yes, those ones. The hue of the colors just needs to be rotated for them to look good.

You mean like this??

Screenshot 2023-10-15 at 11.32.24 AM

Yes, those ones. The ones that the instance colors don’t match.