Clean Admin Panel

Clean Admin Panel

I made this so, I can make my ui skills better. This clean admin panel has only a warining panel, a settings, panel, and more coming soon. Also it has admin logs too. I need feedback, so I can improve this.


Just from looking at it, I would say it looks clean. But I don’t like how the search buttons are rounded while the others are not. Also, their is nothing dividing the search stuff from the commands. A simple darker shade line to separate the two would most likely suffice. One last thing to note is you can’t see the 3 dots in the bottom right easily, an outline would most likely resolve this.

I like the color theme, but it feels very empty.

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What I don’t like about this panel is how inconsistent everything is. Every element has different corner radius, and there’s no obvious way everything is aligned.

To demonstrate how important consistency is, here’s a quick menu I made in Figma:

The buttons are aligned in a grid, and it starts 10px in from the search icon (which is where the search bar starts too). Everything is either a circle or has a 5px corner radius. In my (biased) opinion, it feels more consistent.
Obviously this menu is a bit boring, though.