Clean UI: Daily Reward and Welcome Rules Screen


Hey! I’ve finally tried to make something clean, I really like how this came out. I’d like to know what i could change or even add.

Daily Login Reward:

Rules UI:

Feedback is appreciated!


Looks great! I like the Daily Login Reward Guide and the Rules is simple but clean. I like it! Good job!

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It looks great! Only thing I would change is the font for the daily login UI. I think it would look even nicer if it was thicker/bolder. Hope this helps!


Thanks, I appreciate it a lot :smiley:

I‘ll try that, Thanks for the feedback :smiley:

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Hmm, it looks good, but I have a few things I’d highly recommend.
Firstly, the header. It would likely look better if the header was reduced in size and the text made bold.
I’m not a huge fan on the “Welcome back, {username}!”. It generates unnecessary clutter, making navigating the UI that bit harder. Instead, I would place this inside your loading GUI so the player spends a few less seconds looking at a loading bar.

When it comes to the claim and agree buttons, I would reduce the text size, bolden the text, make the button more rectangular instead of square, and perhaps make the button slightly brighter.

I would also reduce the spacing between the different parts of the UI. You would be surprised how by reducing the buffers between the buttons and other UI elements massively increases the available space, making the text more legible and less like a horrible mobile port.

The cash graphic is out-of-place with the interface style and a more minimalistic design would suit it better. Furthermore, the green tick on the green cash is poor design because it is bad typography.

For a good reference, may I suggest research macOS Big Sur’s dark mode UI?
If you could adopt the same design philosophy as they have, I reckon that could be a very good user interface.

Looks really good! I like the simple design! I do think the claim text(or button) looks a little too big and in my opinion, it just does not fit in.