Cleaner ProximityPrompt UI

maybe just for me ,ProximityPrompt’s UI is not really clean to my eyes
so I made my own UI and It’s looking really nice
It have every feature you would expect from ProximityPrompt
but now the UI is a lot more cleaner

Here’s short showcase of it :

Download links

Model :


(Roblox Model)

  • Get Model from link above

  • go in to Roblox Studio ,Insert in from your Toolbox

  • put it inside StarterPlayerScript ,you don’t need to change anything
    all it does is replace ProximityPrompt’s UI


I didn’t offer this at all and I don’t have plan to do it right now
at least you can change some ui componant in the Folder

if you can script UI and want to make your own
I also provided a template in my Github
This should get you a faster head start

Ending Note

I decided to share this as I want to see it in other game so please use it as you want
also This is my very first post ,and I’m still quite new
so please correct any of my mistake of you found one ,Thank you

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The UI isn’t really modern, I would think that it is a legacy prompt. It’s basically the same thing but way more compact and just looks less appealing overall.


Actually that seems to be correct way to put it
Should I change the topic name?

The UI just looks quite compact and less visually appealing , but over all looks cool with the holding down aspect!


the image quality sucks and the original one is kinda more clean tbh

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I’m sorry about Image quality ,It’s only my device
It won’t be any problem for other

I really like the design you made, it’s way less intrusive compared to the default one. I may use it in my own project if I get lazy to make my own lol.


I don’t want to start drama, but I don’t think this is the right way to tell someone that you don’t like their product. They have surely put alot of effort into this and maybe think about giving a more constructive criticism next time.


I just said what I thought of it bruh and yea as you said no drama so i guess convo end?


Ooh nice! All I recommend making the download link more noticeable since a hyperlink is kinda hard to notice with a bunch of text, maybe with the buttons from this tutorial?


Can you link us to the source code in github please?

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I did write a comment there and there to not confuse myself
you can always use it as template if you want

sure ,I’m going to try to It’ll take me some time

Thanks for the feedback

I updated the post and the Prompt itself
fade in-out animation should be easier to see now
and so the post

I also came up with really nice template
for who want to make your own ProximityPrompt
It’s like a code snippet that give you a head start

Check the post! :smile:

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i like this a lot i will probily use it in my one of my new game


I’ve just installed it, and I must say, it’s better then what I expected. Great work you did!

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i really like using this thank you for making it

Sorry for bugging you again, but it appears the github documentation and the source code has been deleted.

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