Cleaning and advancing in Gui designs and art

there’s no more improvements, i think it must be ready

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Alrighty. I am going to keep this thread open, as others may have different opinions (I mean it is art, we have different ideas), Because I’m not sure fully. Thanks for your help!

The x button uses a ui corner which means it will most likely stretch, Use a image button instead.

Make the pets more centered (they overlap on the edge which looks wierd).

Make the pet frame round aswell.

With a modern/dark Ui, it is best to use white text in my opinion.

The buttons need to be more bright, background more dark. The colours look dead right now.

Match the button roundness with the rest of the frame.

Also adding on to what @WardenFrew said. You don’t have to make it grey and transparent, that’s just a theme.

So this is what I have. For the time being, don’t mind the X icon, I will make it, just not right now, as it would have to go through moderation

So pets more centered, I am using a Grid layout, which doesn’t allow me to adjust the first cell of the row, which messes with centering (I am new with them so who knows, maybe there is? but not with the normal way atleast)

What I usually do is make the background a seperate frame so you can size the actual frame with a transparency of 1.

Also, buttons much better.

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