Cleaning and advancing in Gui designs and art

Hey Developers! I am a scripter, and so often I have projects That I work solo and/or A modeler will join me. Only issue with that? I am stuck with making Gui designs! Now art and Ui designs, not my type of thing, and often use the roblox Ui elements in my work! The issue is, as many starter Ui designers, don’t know how, to make them better or “more official looking”. An example is my pet inventory Ui’s.

It’s alright, enough for me to start scripting it. Although just not happy with most of my designs that I Make. So what I wonder, is how to advance in Ui development, and make eye pleasing Ui? What should I look for in clean Gui’s?

Any help, tips, ideas, resources is appreciated!

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hey, this ui can need some changes.

  • it needs to be more modernized, like changing the background to 0.3 transparency and make it a bit dark.
  • the font is not familiar with my eye, if you can change it to Gotham SSm or Oswald, this would be great.
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I applied some of these changes. This is what I have ended up. Idk, Still feels like it could need some bigger changes. Again, Gui is a whole new world to me, and so I wanna try to make some Gui, that will be pleasing. And this is a issue with a lot of Gui’s that I have made

ok. this is still not a good ui.
i mean can you change the background transparency to 0.3 and try making the gui dark?

I did that. I make the blue a darker blue. And it’s 0.3 transparency. I mean I can apply more?

is it the image above?

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Yup, It is. You can compare it with the one in the first post and that one to see some differences.

one last thing, add a UICorner in the frame.

and the word “Delete” must be “Unequip”.

No? Deleting in my game is a action in which the pet is removed forever. The Equip button changes red on click, and the equip button becomes the unequip button

Also, It’s a little better. But were gonna need some changes to make it a lot better

ok, maybe try changing the background to black? and show me if it’s good.

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There is possibly some idea’s here.

maybe changing the pet slot icons

The image? if so, that is impossible to do “forcefully” They are viewport frames & pets, so they will not to at the state that they are. But I can change the background if you mean that?

no, but you can randomize the fonts.

I got it down to something like this?

better, right now set the background transparency to 0.3, it might would be better than before.
and it doesn’t look like it’s 0.3 transparency.

Of which? I have 3 frames mainly (with smaller frames) The main background frame (which is already 0.3), The Pet information Frame & the background of the pet slots

of all backgrounds.

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