Clear Group Wall

Right now, it is currently impossible to clear all messages from a group wall.

I work as a developer for the group DevGem. DevGem makes nice games, but we have to make community groups because the DevGem group itself is not presentable. The reason it’s not presentable is because there were a whole lot of bots that joined the group, and they each spammed the group wall - hard.

Here’s a gif:

Clearly, it would be ludicrous for me to waste my time clicking the 3 dots, then delete button, especially considering that about half of the posts in the gif were sent in a single day.

I think it would be nice to have a “clear” button to just purge the whole thing and start over; the community isn’t active anyways.

A fear of implementing this feature would be that an abusive HR could clear the whole thing out of rage, but that could be solved by typing in a blacklist of messages that need to be deleted. For instance, all these posts have the exact same text, so I’d just type in

":heart_eyes::fire::rainbow::star2:This groups members are qualified to retrieve tons of ROBUX and Game Passes all instantly for free! Visit the following link​:point_right::"

and any posts that contain that content will be removed.


Yes, but should only be for group owner in my opinion, as an item in group settings. Too powerful to give this permission to anyone but the group owner. Would be more useful with some filter feature (specifying keywords to whitelist/blacklist) than having it always remove everything.


I totally support this feature. Groups have been forced to disable the ability to post on group walls because of these bots. Bots aren’t only the problem, you get some players spam the same message multiple times on the group wall and it is annoying for the groups staff to remove the duplicates. This has made the group wall an undesirable way to communicate due to spam and scam messages. Having this feature this will make managing the group wall a lot easier making the group wall a way to communicate once again.

To build upon what @buildthomas said and what the original post said. As well as removing all the posts with the same text you should be able to remove all the posts for a specific user. Currently the only way to remove posts by user is to kick that user out of the group and select the option, “Also delete all posts by this user”. I like the idea of only the owner of the group having this permission, however I fell the owner should be able to manually give certain users this permission as well. In other words this shouldn’t be a permission for a whole rank in the group only a manually given permission by the group owner.