Click Detector is Not Working

I want to make the flag down when I click the part but it is not working.


Off first looks, you have a loop running above your function so the script is occupied with the loop that is running. That is the reason your click function is not firing.


:MoveTo() only works on humanoids im pretty sure… Try tweening the posititon.

Either way, please provide some more context, add some print statements to figure out where the code is breaking.


Thanks for providing the code!

As REDGREIF said; your code is caught on the “while true do” loop - most generic loops will yield on the line that they are ended on, which in your case is line 21.

I also highly recommend taking Brylan_Leske’s suggestion to use TweenService instead of a while loop. It will greatly reduce the capacity of your code, and make it more manageable by using Tween’s built-in events.

Instead of MoveTo are you trying to use PivotTo? It is used to apply a new CFrame onto Model Instance’s.


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